Our proud past

Our bright future

The Brotherhood Pontion “Panagia Soumela” was established in 1963 by Greek immigrants of Pontian descent.  Many newcomers that immigrated to Canada in the 1960s and 1970s established Toronto as their home.  Anastasios Keramidopoulos, a new immigrant himself, envisioned the establishment of a Pontian Association that would connect other Pontian newcomers. On May 19th 1963, the first official meeting & elections were held resulting in the establishment of our association and the election of the first Executive Council:  Anastasios Keramidopoulos (President), Themistocles Ververidis (Vice President), Aristotelis Giorgiadis ( Secretary), Chris Lazaridis (Treasurer).

From our humble beginnings in 1963, The Brotherhood Pontion Toronto "Panagia Soumela" continues to play a significant role in the promotion of Hellenism in Toronto, North American and around the world.  For over 6 decades, the Executive Committees and members have worked tirelessly to pass on our rich cultural heritage, traditions and love of Pontos to the next generations. Today, we continue to share our history, our music, our dances and our traditions within our Canadian multicultural mosaic. We continue to create awareness and education about the devastating lasting effects of Genocide and we continue to fight for the international recognition of the Greek Genocide.

The active participation of our youth in our dance groups, our committees and executive councils makes us incredibly proud and hopeful for the future of our association. May the future generations continue to strengthen the foundation that the previous generations have built. May they move forward with great pride, respect and love of their Pontian heritage for generations to come.

«Η Ρωμανία κι αν πέρασενανθεί και φέρει κι άλλο»




Niki Grigoriadis


Christina Tsavdaridis

Vice President


Cultural Affairs

Toulla Kiriakidis


Kosta Sakkas

2nd Treasurer

Anatoly Mavromati

2nd Vice President

2nd Secretary

PR Director

Evangelos Antoniadis

Building Manager

Lazaros Giannousidis 

Dance Group Director

Dimitris Tsavdaridis

Youth Director

Elias Ischiropoulos

Youth Director

John Kezemidis

Board Member

Ken Konstantinidis

Board Member




Vasilios Architektonidis

Iordanis Kerenidis

Stathis Michailidis




Roula Michailidis


Maria Stefanidis

Vice President

Eugenia Nicolaou


Gianna Damianidis


Erasmia Poursanidis

Council Member